Thermos Bottle – Uses, Benefits and How to Avoid Leaks

Thermos in Bag

One of the most precious things in the world is a warm beverage on a camping station when the temperature is dropping below negative. A thermos in this situation is a blessing in disguise. It will provide warm soup, coffee, tea, and cold drinks, beverages whenever you need them. Moreover, a thermos also saves your time from pulling out kettle and heating things to keep them warm while you could be covering some distance at the same time.

How does Thermos Work?

A thermos is a small appliance that is used to keep hot things hot and cool things cool. It performs this function by stopping heat coming in and out of the system via any modes of transfer; convection, conduction, and radiation. Due to its isolation function, the thermos is used in many industries including medicine, science, and technology for preserving things. It is highly recommended for daily workers, travelers, nursing mothers, and other people. At the end of the day, a thermos provides you with the fresh food you waited all day long for.

Uses and Benefits of Thermos:

Apart from keeping things warm and cool as per requirement, thermos bottles have certain more advantages. Major benefits of using thermos bottles are as follows:

Health Benefits: Dehydration is a major cause of headaches, muscle cramps, anxiety, constipation, and dizziness. That is why it is important to drink enough water or juices all day long to maintain body fluid levels. If you are out of home, a thermos will take care of this.

Budget-Friendly Benefits: We spend an average of 3 coffee cups daily. If these are from Starbucks, they can leave good dents on our pockets. It is good to treat ourselves special but it is even better to manage the budget by making our own hot coffees and letting thermos serve us all day long.

Environmental-Friendly Benefits: A thermos can be the best alternative to a lot of non-recyclable items including straws, plastic bottles, lids, and food utensils. Imagine, as a traveler how much waste can be avoided by simply keeping a thermos with you.

Thermos Pouring

How can Thermos Bottles Leak?

With the passage of time, the efficiency and workability of thermos bottles are also affected. Though it is believed that stainless steels are free from leaking, piercing, and rusting. There can be special scenarios when a stainless thermos bottles can also leak.

  •         When you put a super-chilled drink in a hot thermos, it can cause a thermal shock, which can lead to inner wall breaking. Eventually, the thermos will start leaking.
  •         When you store liquids with high amounts of Vitamin c, there is a potential chance of internal rusting of steel which can also result in malfunctioning of the thermos and sometimes leakages.
  •         There are usually dual walls of a thermos for isolation purposes. If by any chance, the inner wall breaks, the liquid reaches the gap between walls. And after a small period, it will form pores out of outer walls which may also be termed as leaking.
  •         Also, a lot of times, thermos bottles suffer leakages due to user carelessness. For example, a thermos can fall on the ground and suffer from stripped threads or get bets on the outer walls.
  •         Another possible cause of leakage can be the absence of a gas kit, or the gas kit which is installed is of low quality.

How to Stop Thermos from Leakages?

To avoid/stop leakages from your thermos bottle, following small tips can be useful.

  •         Make sure when you fill your bottle, fill it all the way to top and there are no air voids left. It will make sure equal pressure is being applied on all the walls of the bottle.
  •         If the leakage is found out to be in the cap or lid. Use a silver oil paper to cover it and close the lid properly.
  •         Sometimes, when a thermos bottle is new or unused, its lid is not properly adjusted to lock-in. Practicing opening and tightening the lid of the bottle will get it smoother and easier to put. It will also reduce leakages.

Does Thermos Have a Warranty?

Depending upon what brand of thermos bottle you are purchasing, you may or may not be entertained with a warranty. Generally, good brands offer a warranty from 1-5 years. Remember that, the warranty covers the manufacturing defects or workmanship under normal use and service by the customer. Any bends, tearing, accidents, color fading, or alteration caused by improper use.


It is practically impossible to refrigerate or reheat liquids when you are outdoor. Thermos Bottles help you to quench your thirst with your favorite drink without compromising its coldness. Traditional thermos bottles are made up of stainless steel and have an ability to maintain the temperature of liquids till 24 hours. 


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